#ZAlebsExclusive: Meet your MTV VJ Search winner, Ntandose

 Ntandose Mosibi speaks exclusively speaks to ZAlebs on how motherhood has influenced her drive

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Ntandose Mosibi

MTV Base has been consistent in introducing us to great talents by opening up the industry with their MTV Base VJ Search competition, and this year, the spotlight is on the winner of this season, Ntandose Mosibi and I took some time out to get to know the rising star.

My first encounter with Ntandose quickly became an open conversation with the girl next door as she radiated and embodied a sense of self-consciousness - which is why it came as no surprise how she enthusiastically and unashamedly spoke about her hard times as a segue to her breakthrough - describing her faith as part of her greatest strengths that got her to pursue her dreams of being in the creative space because of the urge she felt to follow her love for the camera, in spite of her loss the first time around, she tried her luck in the competition again.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of the entertainment industry, I’ve always wanted to be a presenter, an actress. So I’ve always been attending auditions, I actually entered last year but I only made it to the top twenty-five round of the competition in Joburg, I was really bummed, my heart was really sore and I was like: ‘You know what? It’s fine, I’ll go again, as soon as they have auditions again, I will go.

So the next year, I quit my job, I worked at a call centre for five/six months, and every single day I went to the office I felt like my heart was just breaking because I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do...and people were asking me: ‘So what are you gonna do now?’ and I’m like: ‘I’m going to pursue my dreams, I’m going to audition until something comes up. I did a presenting course for six weeks and as soon as the ad' started playing on social media and on television, I was like: ‘I’m going there’ she said.

MTV Base interview

Ok, so here’s the thing, although Mosibi may humbly say that she is the new kid on the block, the MTV VJ has always been striding towards her goals of being in the entertainment industry, be it by involving herself in creative activities, dabbling two different radio positions on two different stations or working towards building her acting profile by attending various auditions. Mosibi has been granted with opportunities that have seen her starring in a film called Obambo Lwami alongside Innocent Sadiki, but like many beginnings, Mosibi's was nothing short of a rollercoaster,

“Things were rough, I had two jobs prior to that, I was working for two community stations, I was a presenter for one and I was a news reader for the other, so I lost both those jobs at the same time. In the same month, everything just disappeared, they ran out of money so they had to let me go. I had to find another way to pay the bills and I found a job at the call centre.

The thing is with me, I’ve always had an amazing support structure from my mom, and when I told her that I was leaving my job to go do this, she understood because she knew that this is something that I’ve always wanted to do. So I had to move back home, 'cause I was staying in Cosmo City, so I had to move everything back, my bed, my fridge, the furniture.”

Ntandose Mosibi

Having to move back home to Daveyton - after losing her radio gigs - brought a whole lot of criticism from the community, but the 25-year-old VJ is adamant that she stayed hopeful, getting a sense that her breakthrough was on the way.

“I’m in the hood so people know people’s business, so as soon as the truck came in, people were like: ‘What’s happening? She’s back? And I was like: ‘You know what, I know what I’m doing, I’m here only for a while because I need to do what I need to do but I knew that something will definitely pull through,’ So I had an amazing amount of faith, as big as a mountain.

At home, we pray a lot. I recently started learning how to meditate and all of that, just to find my ground and not be all over the place, to sort of find out who Ntandose is, what she really wants and how she plans on getting that, so that when external forces just come, I’m stern in what I am and what I want. I was telling the universe: ‘Listen, this is what I want, and right now I’m going out there to get it, so I would like you to help me, to assist me in opening the paths, lighting the way, making sure that I get what I want to get,' when I’m in front of the camera, I get an adrenaline rush, I get goosebumps."

If you follow the winner already then you would have seen that her bubbly, 'girl next door' personality can be relatable with many people and that she is a VJ with many talents ( dancing and singing, which she may or may not explore at a later stage of her career) and she is planning to use her passion and overall personality to sustain herself in the limelight. And if you still are not in the loop with who Ntandose Mosibi is, this is what she says you can expect from her:

"I only just came in literally yesterday, so everything I see is from a view of perspective, everyone is almost the same...so what I’ve just tried to do this whole time is just be me, authentically me, and obviously it’s not everyone that’s gonna love what you’re bringing but as long as you’re authentic to yourself that’s what’s important...

Ntandose is a girl from Daveyton...I always describe myself as Bouchèt...a mixture of boujee and rachet at the same time, so if you can give me the 'boujeest' girls ever, we’ll click like a house on fire, if you give me people from the hood, the rachet girls, I’ll click with them too...As a kid, I participated in almost everything, I danced, I sang...I did almost everything, so I’ve always been a person who wanted to participate in everything,"

Not so long after being announced as MTV's new addition, Ntandose is already disclosing her plans of creating a performing arts program for her community back home, using her spotlight as a public figure to empower other youth and give them the same, if not more, opportunities that have molded her into the person that she takes pride in today.

“One thing that I’ve always wanted to do is to have an afterschool performing arts program back in Daveytonviton...Growing up, we had a dance school, and I used to go there every single day after school, but now there’s none of that, the arts centre is always empty and even when it was still operational, some people couldn’t get to the arts centre cause it was quite far...so I want to have an afterschool programme that reaches out to those schools...just help them to be goal driven and have ambitions...so after school for an hour and a half... 

It helped me a lot with my journey, if I didn’t go to those classes every day after school, I wouldn’t have been the person that I am, I wouldn’t have realised my passion and my talent, and with a whole lot of things happening in South Africa today...the abuse of drugs and what not...I feel like they have a lot of time on their hands...so I just want to give them that...”

Behind all the excitement and plans that Mosibi might have for her future, the true fuel to her drive to achieve her goals and take the leap of faith, is to become a great example for her son and groom him to see things from a perspective of possibility, as motherhood is one aspect of her life that she takes the greatest pride in - as seen on her social media biography.

"The fact that I have an autistic son who is six years old - I started to talk about it last year on social media because I feel like that was a form of therapy for me as well. What I’ve also tried to do is focus on the things that he can do as opposed to the things that he  cannot do

I’ve always been someone to push people to do what they love because it won't feel like work, so if I’m gonna be a mom who’s gonna inspire a son to follow his dreams I’m gonna have to lead by example...I need to push...and that’s why I’ve pushed even harder."

Ntandose Mosibi has come a long way in hot pursuit of her passion, and if anything, her story is one that is sure to inspire many others that are still to get their big break.

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