Ntsiki Slams SA Men Over Viral Video Of A Woman Dressed In Shorts Being Harassed

She says South African men are at the bottom of the barrel

By  | May 02, 2020, 10:44 AM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Top of The

Ntsiki Mazwai came for South African men after a viral video of a woman dressed in bum shorts was sexually harassed by a group of men in a car.

In the video, a voluptuous woman was wearing thigh-hugging shorts whilst walking with a male and another female. They are then harassed by a group of men who took the video whilst in a moving car. 

The video sparked a debate on social media with many people questioning whether the woman is dressed appropriately or not. The latter questioned whether the men are behaving appropriately.

Ntsiki slammed the men and grouped men at large and said they were the bottom of the barrel.

"When we speak about toxic masculinity and South African men being bottom of the barrel THIS is what we mean. These men are disgusting. This girl looks amazing in that outfit. Our brothers are just bottom of the barrel material," Ntsiki shared.

Her rant did not end there. The poetess went after men who seek to validate women according to their preferences. She reminded women that they do not need to seek such validation and that they are wholesome without toxic men.

She even came after women who were going off at the woman as well by calling them out on their insecurities and said they are jealous.

Ntsiki is known for body positivity so she shared how her family is comfortable with women showing off a bit of skin.

"Christmas lunch with my big family most of the girls were walking around in bikinis with our phat thighs out! I was the oldest leading the movement and I enjoyed seeing my nieces so care free and my male relatives so harmless and unbothered. Teach yourselves to be better," she wrote.

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Picture credit: hararelive.co.za