Nude Pics: Who did it better Jonathan or Lalla Hirayama?

We just love it when celebrities don't take themselves seriously.

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lalla and jon

We love it, even more, when they show some skin for us, male or female.

One of the most interesting social media posts we've seen this week was between Lalla Hirayama and Jonathan Boynton-Lee.

Don't you love a man with a great sense of humor? Now add killer abs and arms for days. That's Jonathan Boynton-Lee 

The TV presenter posted a picture of himself in a compromising position, comparing himself to fellow entertainer, Lalla Hiryama. 

Lalla posted a completely nude picture of herself last week - probably for some attention - and it was very very sexy. Well, attention is what she got when Jonathan duplicated the image and did his own version of her naked truth.

Jonathan Boynton Lee

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We literally giggled when Jonathan posted this picture, it's always adorable to see celebrities have some good old naked fun.

This is also a very nice view of Jonathan...right ladies?


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Jon_BoyntonLee @Lalla_Hirayama

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