Ok Wasabi's Dudla parody video needs more recognition

You gotta love South African's and their creativity.

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Vura sdudla video

Whilst some people are still going crazy over DJ Citi Lyts Summer Jam "Vura" we've moved onto the latest video parody inspired by the song titled - Dudla (Fat-so) by Ok Wasabi.

A lot of people may say South Africans do not deserve the internet, but we think we deserve it now, more than ever!

Parody artist, Ok Wasabi,  recently released his parody video of DJ CitiLyts hit song Vura, Wasabi flipped the script on the song and released his own version titled Dudla (a Zulu term which means fat-so) which is said to be dedicated to all the food lovers out there who are proud of their addiction.

So please don't go attacking Ok Wasabi thinking that he's body shaming fat people, he's actually not.

To our surprise, the video has a mere 4,000 views on YouTube which is quite disappointing considering how much effort Ok Wasabi and his friends put into this parody song.

And when we say effort, we mean the whole 9 yards from the lyrics, to the hook and video.

It's quite hilarious and commendable how Ok Wasabi completely changed the lyrics of the song, making it even more interesting to listen to.

We also found it funny how serious Wasabi and his big-boned homies look in the video, you'd swear that this was a high-budget video.

It goes to show, if you take your craft seriously, people will eventually take you seriously.


DJ Citilyts who is also an Ambitiouz Entertainment artist has acknowledged the track and expressed that he would love to meet up with Ok Wasabi and his crew and congratulate them on this great not forgetting hilarious piece of work.

The seriousness. The effort. The execution. Lol I need to meet these niggz... #VuraGangGang

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Check out the video below:

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