#OPW: A 10/10 wedding for the Dladla's

Mr & Mrs Dladla made us believe in love again.

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#OPW: The Dladla's wedding was a 10/10

Finally! A wedding with no drama but seamless elegance, simplicity, beauty and most importantly love.

A round of applause please for Gugu and Sipho Dladla's wedding, watching these two celebrate their love was such a beautiful thing to witness. Patiently waiting for the rerun.


The Dladla's episode was so amazing, we're even dubbing it as the best wedding of the season.

Gugu and Sipho were actually acquaintances at church and even though they were not close at the time, a brief moment of interaction turned into an inspirational love story they'll share with their families for years to come.

One thing we really appreciated about this wedding was the simplicity and elegance of the entire event, you can tell that the couple put in extra effort in the planning of their wedding. 

Even the groom and his groomsmen got it right when it came to their suits. 

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Thank you Mr Dladla from relieving us from the shiny suits and overly exaggerated ties. 

OPW Dladla

To be honest, for the past couple of weeks most of the brides have been really impressing us with their bridal gowns and Gugu's dress did not disappoint at all. 

Our Perfect Wedding

The fact that her mother designed and made the dress made the event even more special, she's one seamstress we'd love to hire if one of us ever got married. 

Even her bridesmaid dresses were beautifully knitted.

Our Perfect Wedding

If we saw any fault in this wedding we would honestly be petty and hating on a beautiful matrimony.

Even the traditional attire won our hearts, again, simplicity and elegance won the day.

Our Perfect Wedding

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Congratulations to Gugu and Sipho this was definitely your perfect wedding, we're hoping to one day see your 10-year-wedding anniversary too

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