#OPW: Abuti Samuel Didn't Look Happy

Or did the nerves get the best of him

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When getting married it's ok to have the jitters a bit, after all, marriage is a serious life-long commitment that will have you thinking twice about making things official with your partner.

Some people have even called off weddings just days before their big day because of either being too nervous or being unsure of what they're signing themselves up for.

However, marriage/weddings are something that should make you absolutely excited about this next phase of your life and should not make you feel as though you're about to sign your death wish.

But some viewers just couldn't help but feel like Bra Samuel was not looking forward to getting married.

Everything about his demeanor was not convincing of a man who was about to get married to the love of his life.

Many viewers were so concerned about Samuel they couldn't help but ask if the man was ok.

And others were genuinely worried about his well-being. Seriously, if you watched last night's show you would've seen that Samuel just did not seem ok.

Then again maybe Sam was just shy and reserved and that he probably was very happy.

While other people thought his shyness made him come across as very dangerous.
And the happy questions continued.

Or maybe it's because he was genuinely tired from all the planning that goes into preparing for a wedding.

Some viewers thought that he was scared, scared? Are you trying to insinuate that he was forced into marriage?

Granted, Samuel didn't come across as someone who looked happy on his wedding day but maybe we're just overreacting, the man was probably just absorbing everything in and was perfectly fine.

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