#OPW: Bab' Hle and Mam' Hle's wedding was perfection

Sihle and Mbali share their special and not forgetting perfect day with Mzansi.

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#OPW: Bab hle and mam' hle

The Maseko's really put their best foot forward with a wedding that will undoubtedly be in the top 10 list of Our Perfect Wedding's most memorable couples.

Sunday night, Mzansi got introduced to Sihle and Mbali a young couple who met through a learnership program during their studying years.

Although their relationship was met with heartbreak, infidelity, and many other challenges along the way, the two were determined to make it work no matter the obstacles.

Sihle and Mbali who have a daughter together by the name of Buhle explained how it wasn't easy to get where they are today but because of the love they share, their matrimony stemmed from it just being a dream to it becoming a reality.

OPW's the hle's

It was clear as broad daylight that a lot of preparation and investment was placed into this wedding, hence there wasn't even the slightest of hiccups.

Can we first just acknowledge what a great man Sihle is? Yes he has his faults like many of us but when he shared how he stood on a train for hours on end to see his daughter and Mbali was just too beautiful.

We have no doubt that every woman who was watching the show last night fell in love with him, especially when he said those touching vows to his daughter and wife.

And when he asked his friends to allow him and his wife to walk this marriage path alone was so commendable and beautiful

What woman wouldn't want such a man as a husband?

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And he also had a design role in how Mbali's wedding gown was to look like? Someone, please give this man a round of applause.


If you didn't watch this episode, trust us, we're not exaggerating by saying that this was a perfect wedding. Everything was just so effortless and well planned, from Mbali's dress to the decor.

It's also great to see that Our Perfect Wedding is also promoting people's wedding, like the wedding planner who has appeared more than once on this show.

We have no doubt that Our Perfect Wedding has brought her a lot of business.

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The Maseko's wedding convoy also has to be the best thing we've seen so far, the Merc's, the Audie's, the BMW's oh and they had to add in a Porsche somewhere there...sigh....

Our Perfect Wedding

Congratulations to the Maseko couple they really had a perfect wedding, may their love continue to be filled with nothing but happiness and success.