Our Favourite South African TV adverts

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South African television adverts have received many accolades for their creative and sometimes hilarious content.

Our country has been served with some hilarious TV adverts in the past years.

Adverts that either had us reciting a song, a dance routine, or a random line from that particular advert.

We always measured the success of an advert by how much we remembered about the adverts content, even if we hadn't watched the advert for years.

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Here’s a list of our most memorable South African television adverts that either had us in stitches or singing along...

Oros flavour drums advert

Released between 2001 and 2002, this Oros advert had every kid, teenager, and their parents hollering "Mango!", "Fruit Cocktail!", and "Naartjie!" at every random moment. 

Whether you were in a maths class or walking down an office corridor, you couldn't fight the urge to randomly shout 'Naartjie!!' at the top of your voice.

We take our hats off to the creative agency who created this advert, as it is years later and we still enjoy watching it!

Doom Insecticide - Dancing

We can hardly watch this advert without bursting out with laughter. Actress Thembsie Matu's dancing sequence deserves one or two awards. The duo's dance performance, synchronised with the boy's beat-boxing skills, is brilliant!

Sasol Windie, Windie ama glug glug advert

If you've randomly heard someone screaming 'Windie, Windie!' for no apparent reason, it's probably because they've had a whiff of nostalgia as they reminisce about this Sasol advert starring actor Desmond Dube. Although this was a petrol advert, all we remember is the 'Windie, Windie' part.

Nando's Stories (Izikhothane)

Nando's TV adverts basically need an article on their own because there are just far too many of them that we love, but if we had to choose one specific advert, it's definitely this one.

When the group of Skhothane's began driving the Quantum taxi into the fire, we lost it.

We've probably missed out on many TV adverts you think are top notch too. 

Share some of your favs in the comments section below...

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