Our favourite moments from the Papa Penny Penny Ahee show

It was curtain call time for Papa Penny Penny and his family as they gave as their last episode of the first season.

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Papa Pens

When Papa Penny Penny Ahee first aired on Mzansi Magic we never expected the amount of joy nor entertainment the show would bring to us and many other householdss around the country.

It was a bitter-sweet moment episode on Wednesday night as it dawned on us that this was the last time we were to see Papa Penny Penny, Mam' Nommy and Nommy herself. 

By the way, speaking of Nommy, did you know her actual name is Nomination?


Anyway, as we bid farewell to Papa Penny Penny and his family, not forever we hope, we decided to walk down memory lane and highlight some of our favourite moments from the reality show.

Papa Penny Penny the sweet romantic

If there's one thing you can be sure of, is that Papa Penny Penny loves his wife and is not shy in showing his affection towards her. We clearly remember the beautiful Valentines Day dinner he prepared for his wife and daughter.

Paps Penny Penny

The man even cooked.

Papa Penny Penny
Papa Penny Penny's infamous outfits and hairstyles

Although he may dress down at times when Papa Penny Penny is ready to show up and show out, he makes sure he is dressed in the best garments money can by.

Remember his all-black feathery outfit with the diamonds?

Feather awards

And we can't forget this legendary family picture.


Out of all the outfits we've seen, our favourite one has to be the gold and diamond encrusted outfit he wore at his father's tombstone unveiling. Penny Penny even went the extra mile and changed his hair-do.


But wait, then there was this pink outfit, Papa Penny Penny never siezes to amaze us.

Papa penny penny sing

His children

Now we may not now how many children Papa Penny Penny has exactly but he has introduced, to the entire nation a few of them.

The most memorable one has to be this needy guy.

papa penny penny

And that other good-looking son who looks nothing like him.


Thank you Papa Penny Penny for the entertainment, we hope the reality show's second season will be returning soon.

What were your favourite Papa Penny Penny moments? 

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