Papa Penny Says "Hell No" To Paying R24 000 For Damages

He made it clear he is paying damages...not lobola!

By  | May 16, 2020, 11:08 AM  | Papa Penny  | Top of The

As with many African cultures, when paying damages for impregnating a woman, the father of the child must pay two cows at most.

With Papa Penny's case, one of his daughter's uncles, requested a whopping R24 000 towards damages, which equates to two cows.

Even thought the reality TV star's daughter, Anele, is older now, he reckons that he must do the right thing culturally and pay damages, so the relationship between his family and their ancestors is healthy.

He revealed during his latest episode of Papa Penny Ahee that he loves his kids and has accepted them, so he had to do right by them.

Papa Penny made it known that he was against the exorbitant price and responded with a 'hell no!'

"I am not paying lobola here. That woman already had kids when I met her. How much did they charge for the other children? They mustn't be silly," he said slamming the request.

Accusing the uncles of taking advantage of the family's fame, viewers praised Papa Penny for standing his ground.

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