Part 2: Skwatta Kamp's Relo on marriage and losing Flabba

Getting real with Relo part 2.

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Refiloe "Relo" Makhubo made a never to be forgotten entrance into the music industry as the only woman in a Hip Hop group of 7 men; and drove Mzansi crazy with her melodic voice. ZAlebs had a chat with her to find out about her music, her marriage & losing Flabba.

You have been married to Mr Makhubo for six years now, how has that been like?

"I met my husband during the break I took from Skwatta Kamp, I met him after a year of taking a break from Skwatta Kamp. I needed to give the relationship some time and I'm glad I did. I had spiritually planned my life with the man I was going to marry.

 I had asked, I had fasted, I had prayed. Marriage is great, challenging at time but it really is great. I don't think I would have chosen anyone else to share this life with. I married a hustler.

 I married a man that I know will take care of me and I will take care of him. Sometimes when you marry the opposite of you, it just works out. I married my mpintji guy, I call him my mpintji guy. All I pray for every day is my husband and my two children. He is exactly like my father. My dad is like my SuperMan and my husband is my Batman."

Refiloe on her life
Getting real with Relo

Is there a chance of Skwatta Kamp getting back together and release an album?

People still ask if I'm part of Skwatta Kamp, I am part of Skwatta Kamp, the only chick that is part of Skwatta Kamp. Those are my brothers. We are working on a project that we want to release next year (2017). The energy in studio is crazy, It is like Flabba is still there. I'm looking forward to it, it will be crazy. It takes me to my 20 odd years. It will be one crazy emotional rollercoaster album. 

Relo on her life

The year 2015 was a very difficult year for you, especially considering that you and the rest of Skwatta lost Flabba. How did his passing affect you? 

"Nkululeko's (Flabba) death came at a time where I had taken about 20 steps forward after my sister's death and when Flabba passed on I took ten steps back.. Skwatta Kamp, those men right now, I see them as my brothers, we lost a brother. 

We never got a chance to hate and really be mad at how Flabba died. we accepted it as hard as it was, as hard as it is, the truth of the matter is that there were three families involved. The family of the girl(Sindisiwe), Flabba's family and the Skwatta Kamp family. 

Hating and blaming is not gonna change the fact that Nkululeko is no longer here, we've lost a big part, and God has created a room with in us to grow. Funny thing is we always feel his spirit. He is gone in body and touch, but the feeling and the energy is still there. We will miss that character, that character will never be cloned."

The people that I have lost in my life, I didn't prepare for that. It is all good and well when someone is sick and you emotionally plan to accept their death.  It will never be easy to accept what happened to Flabba.

Flabba's thoughts are always gonna be there. Flabba's gimmicks and how he played with his lyrics will always play a part in what Skwatta Kamp creates from now on. He was a joker, a father. it's a hard pill to swallow, but God's plan is just bigger than us.

Skwatta Kamp
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