Who Exactly Is Pearl Modiadie’s Baby Daddy?

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Now let’s be honest, if you are as curious as we are and you love her as much as we do, you have definitely asked yourself this question, who exactly is Pearl Modiadie’s baby daddy? And so, because of that, we thought we would write this article that focuses on one of the most discussed topics on these Mzanzi streets - Pearl Modiadie baby daddy.

As humans, whether we like it or not, our brains are genetically programmed to pick up on gossip. Everyday office gossip is great, however, there is something special about celebrity gossip that is just way juicier than the everyday gossip. Our fascination with celebrity gossip has persisted throughout history and it is clearly not stopping anytime soon. Our desire and enthusiasm for celebrity gossip remains insatiable, which is not surprising given that it combines two of our favorite things: fame and news (good or bad).

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Here is everything you need to know about the famous Nathaniel Oppenheimer 

Pearls Relationship Lifecycle

Being a public figure, it was only natural that Pearl would date someone of the same social class and have a public relationship, and this is what happened with her ex Nkululeko Buthelezi. The couple would often grace events together and were never camera shy about each other or their love. However, a few years ago, Pearl sent shock waves across Mzanzi when she called off her wedding, for the second time, to her fiance and finally walked away! That though, is a story for another day, today we are focused on her baby daddy so let’s get right into it.

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It seemed Pearl learned her lesson from her previous relationship because when she and Nathaniel began dating, they kept their relationship private and out of the public eye. Nathaniel Oppenheirmer and the radio personality dated for a few years before welcoming their beautiful son into the world in 2020. 

The Oppenheimer Family

With his very famous surname, it was no shocker that the streets went wild when Pearl posted her baby daddy on her Instagram page. The Oppenheimer name is widely known across Mzanzi because of the power it holds and the wealth associated with it.

The Oppenheimers created their immense wealth through the diamond mining company De Beers. Billionaire businessman Nicky Oppenheimer is undoubtedly the richest man in South Africa and estimated to be worth a cool $ 8 billion which is roughly about R122 billion. 

After celebrating her son, Lewatle Olivier Oppenheimer first birthday, the media personality posted pictures of her baby daddy at the party and Mzanzi streets went wild. With his surname, tweeps put two and two together and came to the conclusion that Nathaniel was the grandson of the famous billionaire Nicky Oppenhiemer. 

Image source: @pearlmodiadie Instagram

Following the madness and speculation that came after Pearl posted her baby daddy, she quickly took to her Twitter to clear the air and state that she has no affiliation to the Oppenhiemer family. Needless to say, fans were slightly disappointed by this news.

So who exactly is Pearl’s baby daddy? Well, Nathaniel Oppenhiemer is a French businessman who dated the media personality for a few years before they called it quits. Although not much is known about Nathaniel, Pearl celebrates his her baby daddy and despite them not being together, the pair have a healthy co-parenting relationship.

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