People who willingly go to Uyang'thanda na are brave

They may receive a lot of flak for being on the show but these people are brave.

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We're only two episodes in the new series that is Uyang'thanda na? (Do you love me) and already we've been entertained & respect all those who decide to go to this show in search of love.

Tuesday night's episode of the show proved to us that you need to be one brave individual to go on national television and express your love for someone who probably has no intentions of reciprocating the same feelings.

Last night we got introduced to Lungani a young gentleman who was or still is madly in love with a lady by the name of Kulani who rejected him twice in a row, but because the heart wants what it wants the young man was determined to have her love, come hell or high waters.

And might we add that Kulani (the lady that was being pursued) is quite a catch, sadly she didn't want to be caught by Lungani


Lungani who has been constantly trying to win Kulani's heart for some time now dismally failed the third time around and it was really painful to watch. Lungani literally had his heart shattered into pieces on national TV hence we say that people who go on Uyang'thanda na? are really brave.


Think about it, who would want their heart to be broken in front of the whole nation and become the laughing-stock of social media? one but the brave?  

Here's is a list of why we think people who go on Uyang'thanda na should be awarded the You've Got Balls Of Steal Award.

You're about to be trolled on social media for the rest of the week

Have you guys seen the number of cringe-worthy tweets that were posted after Lungani got rejected? It was more painful reading the tweets than looking at the disappointment in Lungani's eyes.

People on Twitter were ruthless, but can you also imagine how much of a joke Lungani will be amongst his boys?

He'll never hear the end of this from his boys, he's going to get roasted for life!


Unless his boys supported his decision to go on this show, which we highly doubt.

You'll forever be known as that guy or girl who got rejected on TV

Wherever Lungani goes, whatever he does, he will still be remembered as that guy with the glaring silver tooth who got rejected because he was the complete opposite of what Kulani wanted. Yes, Kulani wanted herself a white man and Lungani was far from being that white man.

The person whom you approached on the show  will probably never forgive you for this

Since the show started, the two people who have since been approached have expressed either a sense of shock or disappointment by the people who brought them onto the show.

On Sunday's first episode, Selby felt that the lady who approached him could've done things more discreetly. The same applied with Kulani who was not impressed with Lungani's rather public display of affection.

So if you're planning on going onto Uyang'thanda na? we really commend you for being such brave individuals. 

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@Mzansi Magic