Phat Joe and Palesa Are Expecting

Congratulations to the couple

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What great news to end the week with! Two of Mzansi's favourites, Phat Joe and Palesa Morgan, are expecting their very own bundle of Joy and we're incredibly elated for them.

The couple who are currently engaged have been going strong and this news has made us even more excited for their romance. Their pregnancy was revealed as part of a surprise Valentine's Day announcement when Phat Joe took to Twitter to shower his lady with praise. 

He did so by posting a picture of his queen and her baby bump, writing: 

"Happy Valentines Day to Me!I love you baby... you are an amazing, intelligent & Gorgeous woman! I’m gonna have to put a ban on those sexy outfits for the next few weeks... it’s for the public good... you’ve been causing way too many accidents!"

The announcement took the country by surprise but it didn't take long for the praise and messages of congratulations to start flooding in:
Palesa and Phat Joe's relationship has raised a few eyebrows in the past, with many people wondering if the age gap between the two wasn't too large. Joe is 43 while Palesa is 26; but both of them seem to be okay with this.

Speaking about this on YouTube last year, Palesa said: 

“Yes, I am ready to get married young. Second, I don’t think there’s like an age that you should have mapped in your head that you should… If you wanna be married young you have to obviously just know yourself really well, be confident in who you are, but also, be willing to go through the changes of life and be accommodating of others…”

Meanwhile, on the topic of her age, Phat Joe told Azania that it didn't matter to him because of how mature Palesa was:

“I did not know she was that young. So like, remember I told you we spent everyday together, and then one day I asked her how old she was, I was like, ‘what?’ I had to think about it, I’m sure she had to think about it, but I was like, ‘there’s not thinking necessary ’cause she’s so mature… She always says she’s like an old soul. Even when you hang around her, all her friends are a lot older than her…”

We're extremely excited to see these two love birds welcoming their bundle of joy in the coming months!

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