Precious Kofi: I never cared much for my hair

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You will have seen the first part of our exciting interview with Precious Kofi yesterday where she spoke about living the American dream. Today, in part 2 with Precious, we delve deeper into her spiritual journey and find out if she'd actually consider coming back to the world of television.

Now that you’ve found some of the answers to life's most difficult questions, how does it make you feel?

I feel like it’s a bit of a Life Time Award, this whole process of learning and finding.  I remember there was a time when I was in Uganda in my hotel room and there was just a lot going on around me which was out of my hands and naturally I felt inadequate and inexperienced. So by constantly asking myself why I was in that situation was actually leading me to a lot of revelations in my life which I’m so grateful for. Like I said, even though I didn’t find my answers at that time my spiritual journey began during Precious Africa. That documentary lead me to this serine place that I am right now which is a great blessing.

Did you enjoy ever working on television?

You know when the documentary popped in my mind I was in my apartment and I remember I was shooting something else at the time, which should’ve been like a dream come true because it was an American TV show. Considering that it was exciting and I was getting paid more money than I’ve ever had in my life, I was actually bored out of my mind.  I sat there and realised that I really didn’t want to be an actress, I didn’t want this which was strange because I had worked my whole little life to be that. I knew that there had to be more to my life than just being on television but I wouldn’t say I entirely didn’t enjoy working on television, there were those special moments I thoroughly enjoyed whilst being in front of the camera.

Staying on the topic of television, If you were offered another opportunity to be on T.V again, would you take it?

There would be a lot of factors going into it, because first and foremost I’m a wife and mother and that’s a 24/7 full time job.  So my family takes priority.   However, if an opportunity did present itself my husband and I would have to sit down and discuss the elements attached to this new opportunity. We’d also need to look at the moral aspect around it and if it fits within our way of life and if it doesn’t I’d have to let that opportunity pass, I’m not big on time-away from my family.

What’s the one thing you miss about home (South Africa)?

I was actually there last year between May and September and whilst there and this might sound cliché but I honestly miss the smell of home.  I don’t know how to explain it but sometimes when I go out to hang the laundry here, I sense this smell that is exactly like the smell I sense when I’m in the Eastern Cape in the morning.  So when that happens I take in that moment and wish I could just transport myself to the Eastern Cape right now. So I’d definitely say I miss the smell of home.  I also miss constantly having my mom around; you know how moms are, you could walk into a room feeling unhappy and by not even facially expressing it your mom will know that my child is not alright. To your mom you don’t need to explain things she just knows, I really miss that too.

One of our readers wants to know how you managed to keep your Afro so healthy looking? 

I think you’re going to be disappointed with this answer because I did not care about my hair as much as people thought I did.  It’s only now that I’m really starting to pay attention to my hair. Back then I’d just wash my hair once a week and plat it at night and that’s just about it.   And if I had to do work I’d just blow dry it and style it that’s all. I honestly didn’t care what I did to my hair as long as it was not a straightening product. I had absolutely no rules [Laughs]

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