Priddy Ugly buys a brand new whip

The rapper reflects on his journey in celebration of his brand new car

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Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly has been making moves in his career and he has a few big brands behind him. If you don't believe us, his recent purchase will prove how lucrative his rap career is. 

Taking to social media, Priddy Ugly revealed that he bought a brand new Golf 7 while he reflected on the struggles him and his family went through while growing up.

"When me, my father and my mother moved to South Africa from Angola after my father’s 14-year long exile, we lived right where this car is parked. My grandmother’s home in Meadowlands, Soweto is where most of my dreams were engineered. Her garage was our home for 5 years, where myself and my parents slept, ate, bathed and dreamt of greener pastures."

Expressing his pride, the rapper went on to say that he had his praying grandmother to thank for all his success 

"Today, I parked my whip in that very garage, dreams still being engineered. The reality of my dreams is the product of my grandmother’s prayers. Felt great to be back home"

Priddy Ugly's new car
Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle

Priddy Ugly's girlfriend, Bontle Modiselle, was present when the rapper bought his car, she took to social media to share her excitement.

"The last year of your life has undeniably been your most trying time. You’ve been pushed, pulled, tried and tested. There have been plenty disappointments but tenfold wins. You’ve experienced abundant love & support, but you’ve also felt the impact of the absence of it. Many have spat in your face, yet you’ve still shaken their hands thereafter. You’ve been knocked down countless times, but you strengthened every time, you dusted shit off and kept it moving, and still rocked your smile. The God in you continues to show up!"

Bontle went on to add that the rapper's "I never had a whip but I was always driven....” rap line was now officially irrelevant as he joined the boys with cars squad.

"Regardless of how ugly it may get, promise to never become it. No matter how much more successful you become, get over it as quickly as you do your failures, then win again. “I never had a whip but I was always driven....”. We need a new line cause this one doesn’t qualify anymore @priddy_ugly. Congratulations Mr. Moloi. You deserve all that is as dope & as amazing as you are. And I’m exceptionally proud of you nana. 

Remember: “It’s okay to inherit your worth and your wealth.” #KgalemelaLenyatso #Vrrrrr"

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