#TBT: Watch Proverb's earliest love affair with hip hop

This is one love affair he's kept going for years.

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Proverb, Nomzamo Mbatha and Maps Maponyane take home #YOUSpectacular awards

Proverb's love affair with hip-hop is one that is rarely celebrated. Funny, because it's one of the most consistent love affairs. Since he released his debut album in 2005 till now, he's been showing love to the game, not really caring whether it's shown love back to him. 

We came to find though that his love for the game is actually way older. He's been courting hip-hop since he was a teenager, way before hip-hop was an actual thing. This video of a young Tebogo a.k.a Verb shows exactly where his heart has been for the longest time. 

Check the leather jacket,  the beanie, the confidence, the rap hands, even the audience interaction. Hey. No wonder he's the master of the words even to this day, he's been doing it and it shows that that's where his heart has always been. We hope he never stops the fight for lyricism to be a thing again even in the midst of this trap frenzy everyone's in. 

For his debut album - The Book of Proverb the rapper even wrote a song titled "My Vers'd love" a song dedicated to hip-hop, this is how deep this relationship has been.

Today is also Proverb's birthday and this post of him and his dad is just too adorable.

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    Happy birthday, Proverb.

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