Radio stations won't play Musa's new songs until January

But it's actually a good thing.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Top of The

Musa Mthande

Musa's single Mthande featuring Robbie Malinga has been doing so well that some radio stations have told him that they're only going to play his new singles only next year January.

Musa's Mthande  single, is undoubtedly the wedding song of the year and it's about to get even more popular with all the December weddings that are about to occur in the festive season.

In a recent interview on Metro FM's The Great Escape, Musa shared how much of a success his song has become 

"The song kind of ran way too fast for me, we didn't think it would go that far, we thought it was going to be a nice composed thing that was going to take its time. 

The song was released in April, so we thought that by September it was going to start picking up but by the next month we had to shoot the video and we were like 'Oh ok, ok' it's on!" 


The success of the song has been so great that it's even overshadowing his other new singles. Musa has a new single out which even has a video for but we haven't heard the song stations are still riding that Mthande wave.

"I decided to drop a new single, I even shot the video for it and then to my surprise, everywhere I went to especially across all radio stations, music compilers told me they're not going to play the song until Jan."

Music compilers requested Musa to not mess up the vibe of Mthande and that they will see his new single in 2017.

Musa says he's got singles stashed and ready to be distributed but the people but dololo because Mthande is still running tingz!

It must be a good feeling though to know that your song is on heavy rotation on various radio stations.

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