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If you're an aspiring musician, then you've got to read this.

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A few years ago, signing to a record label was quite a big deal for musicians, as it was an artists ticket to the big time.

However, as years went by, and musicians became more educated about record labels and their infamous 360-degree deals, signing to a major label was no longer ideal.

That is why rappers like Chance The Rapper have avoided signing contracts with any major label as he, and many other independent artists, have come to learn how record companies have managed to make a profit from their signed artists.

By the way, if you'd like to know more about the tricky side of signing to a record label and how an artist can end up receiving peanuts for all their hard work because of dodgy contracts, read up about how R&B group, TLC, won many accolades (including a Grammy) but still ended up being broke.

However, signing to a record company isn't all bad, especially if you have a strategy on how you plan on negotiating your deal. Remember, the plan is to make great music, get as much money as you can through your craft and making sure you do not sign your life away.

Reason has also come out to provide some sound advice to all artists who are flirting with the idea of getting signed to a major record label.

In a series of tweets, the rapper shared his opinion on record labels that keep artists who no longer want to be there, and how an artist can find their way out of a contract.

Reason further shared that keeping an artist who wants out, serves the record label no purpose.

However, Reason also made it clear that going independent also has its many challenges; it offers you a lot of freedom, but as we know freedom can be quite expensive.

The rapper further stated that should you as an artist have the capital to go independent, then by all means do so, but if you don't have the money, sign to a label, but always keep in mind that a record label is a bank that is loaning you all it's resources for you to kickstart your music career.

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