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Global online restaurant discovery app, Zomato, has named Reason as their first ever Mzansi brand ambassador. The month-to-month ambassadorship campaign began on 15 June.

The brand has teamed up with the rapper to develop innovative ways to engage with a broader audience and grow the foodie culture in South Africa.

In a statement, Zomato's country manager Heino Gehle said Reason is an example of how the online restaurant discovery app is pioneering new ways for brands to engage with SA artists and their fans.

"This creates a creative and commercial collaboration that serves both artist and brand. The company has a true understanding of the power of music and fans of music. We also believe that food is just as universal as music and blending the two can only be a recipe for good things to come."

The Bump the Cheese up rapper said venturing into the foodie world is more than just a personal decision.

"The company I run with my three partners, Kool Out Concepts, has a multi-purpose venue that will soon host a restaurant. My partners and I are passionate about food and entering the foodie world is part of my journey to educate myself about all things food and entertainment," he explained.

The hip hop artist will visit some of Joburg’s best-rated restaurants with friends, and will also give five of his fans the opportunity to dine out with him during the months of June and July.

He added: "I have always been an avid admirer of the power of 'breaking bread' with family, friends, business partners and fans. Food incites conversation and intimacy and I am all for connecting with people in various forms. I hope to gain insight on various worldly palettes and obtain a better understanding of food and the mechanics behind the food industry in general."

Every month, Zomato will bring on more familiar faces to take on the foodie world and represent the brand.

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