Refilwe Modiselle reflects on her 18 year journey in the industry

Eighteen years in the industry and still striding strong.

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Refilwe Modiselle

Refilwe has come a long way in the entertainment industry and journeying through various media platforms has strengthened her name as a media personality which paved the way for her two younger sisters.

Refilwe’s first introduction into the entertainment industry was through modelling at the age of 13, and as she represented “the symbol of change” at the time, in a recent interview on Afternoon Express, Refilwe revealed that she had to make a number of changes throughout her journey.

“At thirteen I didn’t realize that I would be a model, or let alone be the start to what I had set out for my future and my destiny, so thirteen, I was just a child playing in front of the camera, but only to find that the bug would bite me in my tertiary years, because I had to stop…” 

Refilwe Modiselle

After getting her matric, the actress admits that she had then continued taking strides in the industry, dabbling between modelling and also music as KB Motsilanyane and Zub’s backing vocalist throughout her tertiary years in order to make money.

For the young multi-talented artist, many changes would follow as she was in-and-out of the corporate space, but still tried to feed her passion for the industry  

“I worked in the corporate, seven years after studying, I worked in-and-out corporate sector, but between all of that, there was the modelling, there was the singing…”

The Modiselle Family

Refilwe went on to share her gratitude towards her family as they have showed her great love and support throughout these years, 

“For me my bases was my mom, I think coming from a home where there was a lot of love, that instills a lot of value in you to not seek validation form outside first, when you carry that seed as a child, it might not be in your face at the that point in life but later on, it does come out"

It’s now eighteen years later and Refilwe is still striding strong as a model, actress and radio host on Motsweding FM (Drive time - 15h00-18h00)

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