Revealed: Intimate Details About Sbahle Mpisane accident

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Sbahle Mpisane accident
It's been close to four years now and Sbahle Mpisane is still working towards putting her life together. In 2018, Sbahle was involved in a tragic road accident that left her gravely injured and in a coma . 

It is only recently that Sbahle Mpisane sat down with Owamie Netshivhazwaulu in an interview and gave details of what caused her car accident. To date, fans and followers question how she made it out alive. So what really happened?

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Sbahle Mpisane accident 

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When pictures of her wrangled car went viral some were worried if she was ever going to make it. Personal trainer and media personality Sbahle was involved in a car accident after a late night out with  friends. Sbahle crashed her blue BMW 4 series into a tree.

Sbahle sat down with YouTuber Kwame for an hour-long session to reflect on the events that occurred before and after her accident. She admits only she knows what happened that day, specifically the situation that got her into the accident. Since she was out drinking, people assumed that was it but Sbahle doesn’t drink and drive.

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Accordingly, the car accident wasn’t because Sbahle was drinking and driving. “Someone was the cause of my car accident, that person was my friend, and I don’t want to mention their name. The person has come forward to say that they were involved.” She says. 

However she has forgiven the person for the incident and focuses on being grateful that she is alive. “I forgave the person because they didn’t do it intentionally. I will never bring their name up.”

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What really happened?

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Sbahle explains that she crashed into the tree because there was a car that was approaching hers at full speed so she tried to dodge it. She hit the side of the road, knocked her head and passed out with the full accelerator. She went straight to the tree.

Due to that, almost all her bones were broken, she went into a coma for several weeks coma and spent months in ICU. She suffered from amnesia due to a head injury and was unable to walk as both her legs were broken. Sbahle is now fully recovered but she has  permanent injuries. To date, fans and followers wonder how she made it out alive.

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Sbahle Mpisane journey to recovery 

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It is several years later from the horrific accident and Sbahle is still working on putting her life together. She spent the past four years recovering  and getting back into her passion,  fitness. She recently shared the challenges of her journey on social media.

She came out about being heartbroken from hearing rumors that she killed somebody during the accident because no one was injured except her. Sbahle had also canceled her medical insurance prior to the accident because she felt fit and healthy. 

Consequently, when she had to be hospitalized, it took her mother Shauwn Mkhize to make sure her medical bills were paid. In an attempt to gain back her life, she started a YouTube channel called ‘Sbahle Mpisane’s Visual Book’ . Here she will be sharing her fitness lifestyle and journey.

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