Riky Rick's Advice To Men

Fellas, pay attention!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Top of The

Riky Rick is in a generous mood this week and he has decided to take a moment from recording catchy hits and used the time to educate the men of Mzansi on a much-needed topic:

How to respect, look after and appreciate the woman in your life.

Rikhado Makhado took to Twitter on Thursday morning to share the most gorgeous picture of himself standing alongside his wife and he captioned it with advice that many men in relationships (and those looking for relationships) need to hear.

He said:

"Do yourself a favor and find a strong woman who loves you despite your faults. Give her some babies then live the rest of your life with her. There will be struggles but if its real you will always see brighter days"

The tweet was met with a bit of skepticism, but for the most part, many hailed the rapper for always putting his family first. In the spirit of exactly that (family first) The Voice coach was also in a nostalgic mood this week when he realised that his first album Family Values had just turned four-years-old!

He reflected on what the album meant in a tweet earlier this week:

Fast forward four years and Riky Rick is still putting his family before anything else despite the fact that that album catapulted him to heights that many dream of but few ever reach. In an industry which is known to be uncondusive for families and relationships, it says a lot about his priorities that the Makhados have remained rock solid throughout the challenges.

It's just a pity that the same cannot be said about his friendships... Riky and Cassper haven't been the same in recent months and it's just like the old saying goes:

"It's Lonely at the Top".

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