The River: Issa wedding!

We definitely did not see this coming, but hey, who wouldn't to see a wedding on The River

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Look, we're excited about Zolani's decision to commit to Tumi for the rest of his life. We don't think he could have chosen anyone better. She's sweet, kind, respectful and comes from a good family (raised well).

Zolani asks for Tumi's hand in marriage

So, how did he propose? He did it the old-fashioned way by asking his uncle Zweli to go to Tumi's house and deliver a letter stating his intention to marry her. We were shocked, but not surprised by Zolani's actions. He knew that deciding to ask for Tumi's hand in marriage was the only way to get Lindani to back off. His plan worked because Lindani has now gone back to his wife and son.

Now all that is left is for the lobola negotiations to start so that Zolani and the love of his life can live happily ever after. Err... Before we get too excited, we can't help but think that their fairy tale won't last forever. Firstly, Zolani was involved in Tumi's father's death, and secondly, he's responsible for Tumi and Lindani's breakup. So, what do you think is going to happen when all of this finally comes to light? Will Tumi laugh it off and continue with her marriage, or will she hate Zolani for the rest of his life? Well, your guess is as good as ours.

Njabulo's return does little to change Andile's behaviour

We thought that Njabulo's return would have a positive effect on Andile's life. But no, although he's happy with his lover's return and wants to make their relationship work, he still hasn't gotten over his cheating ways. It's clear that Andile loves Njabulo with all his heart but it's also evident that he's not quite ready to let go of his side dishes.

We think it's time for Andile to decide whether he still wants to fool around or to be serious about his relationship with Njabulo. If he doesn't let go of his bad habits, he might just miss out on a good thing.

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