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Everything you need to know about Rouge

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Award winning rapper Rouge has come a long way and as much as it hasn't been easy, she has been fortunate enough to have her family and boyfriend as her support system.

Here are some fun facts you might not have known about Rouge, real name, Deko Barbara-Jessica Wedi:

  • Rouge's first introduction into the industry was as a musician at the age of 18-years-old.
  • Though Rouge has never been to Congo, the rapper who grew up in South Africa is Congolese and can speak French.
  • Becoming a rapper has not always been Rouge's dream.
"I didn't wanna do music, I did not wanna rap, that was never my plan, I studied musical theatre, that was my goal...I wanted to be in Broadway...I'm still gonna do it, it's just that right now, Gods like: 'No, this is where you need to be" she admitted in a recent interview with Africa Business radio

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  • Rouge joined a record label at a young age, however, she did not do music for two years and had to call her lawyer sister to help her revisit her contract.
"I joined a label - once again, I did not know anything about labels - I did not know anything about contracts. I chilled for two years, I didn't see a studio..."

  • Rouge has managed her career, however, she says that it was "killing her creative side." 

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  • The rapper is taken by Zimbabwean playwright, actor, dancer and director boo, MacMillan Mabaleka.
  • Rouge watches Horror movies every day.
"I cannot go a day without watching Horrors, it's like my daily routine"

Following her New Era sessions album, the rapper is currently working on her next album which she says will have well-known artists featured on the album and the bilingual artists might include French in the album as well.

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