Exclusive Interview: Samkelo Ndlovu on joining Rhythm City

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The gorgeous Samkelo Ndlovu,  who first made her name on SABC’s football drama, Zone 14, has officially joined the cast of Rhythm City. ZAlebs editor, Tinashe Venge, had the chance to exclusively interview her this afternoon where she gave us the full lowdown on her new character, and what to look forward to.

Congratulations on Rhythm City; how do you feel about the move?

We've been shooting for three months already! It's been bitter sweet to have to keep this a secret, but now that it’s out I feel happy. It feels good to be a consistent, working actress.

For those who don't already know, tell us a little bit about your new character, when we can expect to see her on screen?

My character is very ambitious, she basically uses what she has to get whatever she needs. Sometimes she does desperate things. She's just a young lady who is pretty much just trying to find her feet. I enjoy playing her, any girl in South Africa can relate to her.

Her name is Lerato; how much of your personality will you be able to channel into this new character?

All of my characters are always removed from who I am. As human beings we are layered, but there are parts of us that are similar to other personalities. Lerato appears impulsive, but we later discover that she is very calculated in her decisions. This is where we differ; I’m more of a free spirit. I like to live in the moment and want to pursue all my dreams. So while there are some similarities, we are also very different.

You're already making waves in the acting industry; this is another positive move in your career. Would you say things are going on track?

As an actress, without a doubt. I’ve starred in several key roles and I’m very happy with the progress I am making.  One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m a musician. I’ve been meaning to dedicate more time to my music and lately I have been able to record with artists. All things going well I will be releasing content soon and exploring more of my musical talents for everyone to enjoy! (Bonus Material, below is a video of Samkelo's singing!)

We can’t say when for certain, but during the course of the month you’ll be able to catch Samkelo as Lerato on Rhythm City. We at ZAlebs look forward to her exciting new role!


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