Sammy Sosa sets the record straight about her Metro FM gig

Sammy reveals her side about the departure from Metro FM.

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Her departure from Metro FM was a disappointing one and whilst we were left in the dark about the reasons behind her leaving Metro FM, Sammy Sosa clears the air about the real reason why she and Metro FM went their seperate ways.

Sammy Sosa's departure from Metro FM left people with many questions. The radio and TV personality was allegedly fired from the station because of her alleged dishonesty regarding her health. 

Sammy has set the record straight on what really happened. 

In an interview with Trending SA, the mother of one said: "There's this thing of working for the SABC and working for Multichoice, it's a huge thing. 

Multichoice came to me and said 'we have this show for you, The Hustle, it's like the hip hop version of Idols. And we want you to be the face of the show, it's yours."

She explained that she went to the SABC and told them about the show. Sammy said she was told to ask for permission. She was told to write a motivation letter explaining why she should be the presenter of the show, and why the production company should have her as the host. 

"And I thought that was fair, I mean I went and did it, and I came with all this information and all this documentation. I think my letter was pretty sexy... and I presented it to them. And the waiting period was just shocking, you know, and I couldn't wait any longer and had to do the show," She said.  

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Sammy continued: "... So I'd go to the show with Mo (Mo Flava), I'd do the show, I'd stay an extra hour, I'd shoot to the mansion, I'd shower on set, I'd shoot for like 12 hours.... then I'd sleep for like an hour. The culmination of all those things put together, it made me tremendously ill. 

"And what they had said was 'you know she's sick, but she's actually shooting the show'. And I said "no, but I've actually shot the show already, you paid me for the entire month that I worked and shot the show'. And I realized I had no qualms with these people, you know because I loved working there..."  

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