New Job, New Life, Dankie Euphonza!

He used his abilities to help another in need

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It's always inspiring to see our entertainers lend a helping hand whenever they can, especially to those who are desperately in need of help.

In November 2018, a security guard by the name of Solly became popular within hours after he tweeted that; although his current job was not ideal, he was still thankful and proud that he has a job.
The tweet came across as so inspiring to people who had seen it that it even caught the attention of DJ & entrepreneur - Euphonik.

responded to his tweet and requested that he send him his CV.

Three months later and it seems like Solly is in a very good space as he's moved to a new province with a new job.


Twitter users commented by mentioning that they remember Solly's story and how Euphonik was willing to assist him in anyway possible.

Tweeps commended Euphonik for his help and congratulated Solly on his new journey.

"I remember this story, this proves that if people use Twitter correctly/for the right reasons good things may come their way. Congrats Solly and well done to Euphonik," said one Twitter user.

While another said:

"Themba; This Is one of the things that people are going to REMEMBER you and what you did when you no more. You touched that nerve in a good way Bro.Thanks!"

Yet another example of how when Twitter is used right, amazing things can happen for people.

Shout out to Euphonik and everyone else who tries to help others in every way possible.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Euphonik