Sho Madjozi IS A Rapper, Okay??

The star clarifies once again...

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Sho Madjozi is easily South Africa's biggest rising star. The trailblazer act rose to the top of the local charts in record time with her infection gqom hits. Her bright colorful style launched her to the center of the global stage!

But even with all her successes, people particularly in the hip-hop industry question if the Tsonga musician deserves to be called a rapper. The star seems to always find herself having to defend her right to carry the honor.

Sho Madjozi recently appeared on MTV's Yo MTV Raps earlier this year and touched on the same issue. On the show hosted by Scoop Mkhatini and Nadia Nakai, Sho MAdjozi spoke about how she has overcome the naysayers. Her lyrics and craftsmanship remain valid in hip-hop even though they are over Gqom beats.

The rapper has had to defend her title once again in a recent interview with SlikourOnLife. The popular music website had Sho Madjozi as a guest on their latest episode of #WhatSAHipHopSaid with Ayanda MVP and Slikour himself. 

At this point, this is an old conversation for the Huku hitmaker. Sho Madjozi took the opportunity to share that she has far moved on focusing on all those comments. "I honestly am not the kind of person, and I don't understand why we always feel the need to classify people within genres and stuff. For me, it's not really a big deal at all how people want to categorize me, but I always find it interesting," she explained.

Sho Madjozi is secure with her craft and doesn't need everyone's validation. After all, nobody knows her history as she does. The star continued to share some of her roots in hip-hop long before rising to the top.

"The first song I ever recorded is hip hop. I look at my debut album and four songs in there can be classified as gqom, and I have purely hip hop songs," said Sho Madjozi. But her main focus remains the craft of songwriting. She went on to say, "I decided that I was interested in rap and writing rap. I kind of looked around and saw what people were doing and I thought, well I can rap better than that, or at least as good as anyone that's out there". Watch the full interview here:

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It is clearly true that we can leave the labels behind in this new era of genre-bending music. Sho Madjozi is yet another testament to how the global music industry, including hip-hop, is in a constant state of evolution.

So whatever you think of her, Sho Madjozi is still going to be writing hits!

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