#DMF: Siyanda's Clean Belly Button Obsession

He's a weirdo but we love him

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Siyanda Maphumulo  | Top of The

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Date My Family always seems to find these weird characters that end up being the topic of discussion on a Monday morning at the office.

On Sunday evening, in yet another entertaining episode of Date My Family, viewers were introduced to 30-year-old Durbanite -  Siyanda Maphumulo. 

From the get-go we knew that this guy was looking for more than just love, he was looking for a platform to catapult his comedy career as well.

If Siyanda's face looks familiar to you, that's because you probably saw him before either auditioning on Idols SA...

...or you've seen his comedy skits on social media as well.

So yes, it could be possible that this week's episode of Date My Family was scripted, but in hindsight it also was an entertaining episode as Siyanda kept us entertained for a good hour with his ridiculous requests and comments.

These are just some of our favourite highlights from Siyanda's episode.

His obsession with clean belly buttons

From the way he carries himself we could tell that Siyanda is a guy that loves himself and likes to keep clean, but when he said that he's the type of guy who wants a woman with a clean belly button we thought it was a bit weird.


Yes, belly buttons should be kept clean, but it seems weird that Siyanda goes around looking at women's belly buttons before even attempting to speak to them.

The Xhosa altercation

Siyanda had the pleasure of meeting the first family who came to represent Yonela (a Xhosa lady) We thought all hell was going to break loose when Siyanda expressed that he felt sorry that Yonela is Xhosa. Yonela's friends clearly did not take lightly to the comment and to be honest, we were nervous for Siyanda as he literally dug his own grave with that comment.

Even Somizi was shocked about his Xhosa comment.

The roof comment

When it came to choosing the lady he wanted to go with on a date, Siyanda chose Yonela, however, it was his explanation of why he didn't choose Samkelisiwe that had us dying with laughter.

And his second reason for not choosing Samkelisiwe was just as hilarious.

Well, we sincerely do hope that Siyanda finds love and if all fails in the relationship department, at least he has his comedy career to fall back on.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@Siyanda_gonzo

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