Chad's Mom: It's No Stunt!

Chad and Kelly are the real deal

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Chad Da Don's mother wants you to know that his relationship with Kelly Khumalo is very real. Their much-publicised affair has been the talk of the town for a few months now but many people have speculated that this could all be a big (and long-running) publicity stunt.

It seems as if anything Kelly Khumalo chooses to do with her life will always be placed under immense scrutiny -- even more so when it involves her love life. From the moment we first saw Chad and Kelly together (behind the scenes of her video for Dance Comigo) people have done their best to poke holes in their relationship.

In short, not many were convinced that there was real love here even after the two got engaged, broke up and got back together again.

However, Chad's mom (and manager), Norma Mansoor has confirmed that their love is definitely real -- despite the convenient timing of their love-back. Reports of them rekindling their flame came out days before they dropped a new single together, "Gcwala".

Mrs Mansoor said to Tshisa Live:

"Yes, they are back together and are engaged. I think it's ruthless and thoughtless for people to just label their love or what they have as a publicity stunt. Especially because there are children in this picture. Chad is besotted with those kids, we love those kids and they would never play with the kids' feeling in the name of publicity,"

Meanwhile, their song "Gcwala" is out on all digital platforms and among other things it appears to address the constant chatter around their relationship:
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After hearing from Chad's own mother, do you think it's time to start planning for their wedding? Or are these two still stringing us along?

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/KellyKhumaloZA