Sjava Makes Taxi Man Jokes Work For Him

Sometimes you just gotta play along

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Sjava had a very enjoyable weekend after walking away with four SAMAs on Saturday.

However, that was not the only highlight of his night on Saturday.
After rocking up at the SAMAs red carpet dressed in a very modest outfit, Sjava became a trending topic on social media as viewers of the awards expressed how they were not impressed with his outfit and that he reminded them of the many South African taxi drivers that dressed like him.
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Instead of putting people in their place or getting annoyed by people taunting him with the jokes, Sjava used the taunting comments to his advantage by responding to every other comment on Twitter as though he was really a taxi driver.

Here are a few of the tweets and responses that had us laughing throughout the night.

Whoever advised Sjava to play along with this, did a great job and we enjoyed how he did not take himself so seriously when he began trending for his outfit.

Translation: "Sister, please move to the back, only people with children sit here."

And his tweets just got better by the hour.

Shout out to Sjava and all the frequent taxi users/Twitter users for entertaining us last night. Using a taxi as a means of transport can be an extreme sport in South Africa, but it sure does have it's many hilarious moments.

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