Sjava: Fame Puts Strain On His Relationships

It's not as simple as it looks from the outside

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Lady Zamar recently announced on Twitter that she had been in a two-year long relationship with BET winner Sjava. Many were rooting for the relationship however she announced that it had come to an end last month.

Although the relationship was kept under wraps fame still could have been the main reason it ended. Sjava opened up to Tshisalive about how he believes that being famous puts a strain on your personal life.

"Yes, I was thinking about it (marriage) but now because of this fame thing, there's now a lot of things to consider. It (fame) has caused a lot of problems between me and my partner. For example, if I say, 'guys I can't come for the interview because I promised my girl a date', you guys will be angry and think I'm unprofessional. "

Sjava clearly felt that he could not have both as he struggled to find the perfect balance. He continued to share how relationship strains happen behind closed doors and people can easily think that one’s life is perfect because they are succeeding career wise.

Sjava also shared that it is not only his relationship with Lady Zamar that endured a lot of strain but also his public relationships with other people in the industry and it  primarily was because of fame.

“Just because you are in love with her doesn’t mean she is the right one for you,” these are the words Sjava said his grandmother shared with him. We hope he can one day strike the balance and find the right one.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/ @sjava_atm