Slikour on depression: It's not a music thing... it's a human thing

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Slikour is one of the many people who have paid tribute to hip-hop legend HHP. The rapper, real name Jabulani Tsambo, passed away on Wednesday.

After news about his death broke, several people took to social media to share their thoughts and condolences. While the cause of Jabba's death has not been confirmed yet, people have been speculating that it is related to depression. 

Some celebrities have also come out to share how tough life is in the entertainment industry, and how this can often lead to depression. Just to make this clear, depression affects people in different walks of life. 

Slikour had a brief interview on East Coast Radio on Wednesday and was asked about HHP's death and to share his favourite memory with the late icon. 

Slikour touched on depression and made it clear that it's not an industry thing. "Depression is, I mean I just met someone who said they lost their... their husband lost their job in five months, it's not a music thing, it's not industry-specific, it's a human thing," the rapper said on the show. 

He added that once we start making things industry-specific we don't find solutions. Not too long ago, the Skwatta Kamp band member revealed that he had his own struggles with depression

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