Slikour is making and staying in his financial lane

Multiple streams of income in this lifetime

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Slikour is a rapper, journalist, media enthusiast and now a taxi boss

Yes, you read right. Siyabonga Slikour Metane has added taxi boss to the long list of titles that he occupies. This is not a new development though as he grew up for 15 years seeing his father run the business. 

if we want to move the game/ We all can't move the same/

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Speaking to Move! the rapper stated that the business, which was run by his father, was passed down to him. 'We've bought about 10 more taxis since I took over the business.' The move into business has been a more fluid one for him considering that he grew up in a family which was already business oriented. 'They didn't teach me business per se, I just watched and learned. My Dad is the first generation to be quite entrepreneurial.' The thing that they did teach him though is that where there is a will, there is a way.

No Ketchup... Just Sauce 💦

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'I was raised by really great parents who did not have much but had the will to make their children's lives better.' So it automatically made sense for him to carry on the same spirit and take opportunities given to him to make a better life for himself and his family. Kudos to you Slikour for showing the world that there is more than one way to make it. 

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