Sofa Silahlane's Puseletso is leadership

She managed to do what Karabo Moroka couldn't

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Sofa Silahlane's Puseletso is leadership

The nation cannot stop talking about and laughing about this past week's episode of the Moja Love show, Sofa Silahlane, hosted by Mzilikazi wa Afrika. This is because this past weekend's episode featured the story of a woman living with two men - her husband and her boyfriend. 

Puseletso and her side piece, Kagiso can be seen on camera explaining the living arrangements to a visibly amused wa Afrika. He then asked her whether or not she loves her husband and she said she did but admitted that their marriage no longer fulfills her. 

He then asked Kagiso how he feels about breaking up a home which Kagiso doesn't think he's doing, he is just going after what his heart wants. 

Sofa Silahlane,  airs every Thursday at 21h30 and repeats Saturday at 21h30, Sunday at 22h00 and again at 01:00 (Monday morning). 

Watch the clip below: 

The reaction to her story was mostly positive, so perhaps Mfundi Vundla shouldn't have chickened out of making Karabo Moroka's polyamorous marriage a reality. 

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