#SAMA23: Our favourite moments from Somizi

He said his aim was to have fun at these awards and he sure lived up to that.

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From the moment Somizi stepped on stage with his diamond encrusted mask and vivacious cat-walk we knew we were in for some real entertainmnet. Now we understand why the SAMAs booked him for the second year around. 

Somizi was all of that and a bag of chips! At some point, we thought we were watching the Somizi Music Awards because of the amount of entertainment he was serving.


Here are just a few of our favourite moments from the diva last night.

The Louboutin boots

Earlier on in the week Somgaga had revealed a package that flew in from New York, the package was wrapped in a red Louboutin bag. Obviously, we knew that those were a pair of shoes but we did not know how they looked like. Knowing Somizi the shoes were going to be nothing short of fabulous and we were right.

For his second outfit, Somiziwore a black outfit with some high-knee black Louboutin boots. He was looking hot and he knew it, he even told all the ladies and gays that he got them shook with that black number.

Somizi was so sure of himself he even demanded the audience to pick him up so viewers could clearly see his red sole boots. But how awkward was it when he told Nyan'Nyan presenter - Luyanda Potwana not to pick him up?

The Black Twitter comment

He definitely got us rolling on the floor with this part. Somizi predicted that Black Twitter would make fun of him one way or the other.

And boy was he right. Black Twitter was relentless as soon as they spotted that patch of hair missing from the back of his head.


At least Somgaga knew that he had it coming.

The Zahara comment

Somizi literally had us dragging our jaws from the floor when he mentioned Zahara and an open bar in the same sentence. You could literally hear the oohs and aahs from the audience in the venue.

We guess Somizi is not afraid of getting sued by Zahara huh.

Tumi and Som G

We really enjoyed how Somizi managed to improvise at certain intervals of the show, he handled his hosting like a true professional and the way he and Tumi Morake bounced off of each other was perfect.

These two should definitely get residency as the SAMAs official hosts for the next 5 years, no?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Somizi

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