Sonia Gets Her Groove Back

The producer is living her best life.

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Sonia Mbele's career has spun for more than 20-years, the media personality started her career as an actress and over the years, she has had roles on some of South Africa's most iconic shows including Generations and Mzansi Magic's, The Imposter.

The actress recently put on a producer's hat when she produced the hit reality show, Real Housewives of Johannesburg for 1 Magic and the show already has a solid fan base.

The star who has been very busy recently took some time away in the form of a vacation. The beauty is currently enjoying herself under the Dubai sun. Take a look at some of the snaps below:

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After her high profile divorce from businessman, Lesley Sedibe, Sonia is slowly picking up the pieces and she exudes radiance. In an interview on WTF with Tumi, the media personality spoke about her relationship with love and how it is important for her to just do her:

“I just to do me. Do me as in follow my heart, you know? Doesn’t matter what people might say, you know you get the ‘make it work’ whatever, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. So, for me, I feel ‘do me’.”

When Sonia is not building her empire, she enjoys raising her children, in an interview on Massiv Metro, Mbele spoke about being raised by a single woman and her approach to parenting.

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“I was raised by single women, you know our mothers don’t play, they used to wake me up at five, we’d open the curtains, wash the windows. We were raised from a different era, there was no time for slacking, there was no time for sleeping, so obviously, that is instilled in your pedigree. You become that person, you need to wake up, so I think it started then it just became a part of who I am."


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