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She is using her story to help other women.

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Sonia Nomthandazo Mbele is a renowned media mogul who worked her way up the ranks and has established a household name that lasted her for years.

Sonia Mbele is a seasoned South African actress, producer, motivational speaker. 

After her divorce, Sonia Mbele went through depression which could’ve ended her life, but she bounced back and she continued working on her brand.
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Here's a look at Sonia Mbele's biography and how she rose to fame. 

Sonia Mbele Age

Sonia Mbele was born on the 11th of December 1976. She is 43-years-old.

Sonia Mbele Early Life

Sonia Mbele was born and raised in Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa.

Mbele is Sonia's maiden name, she was known as Sonia Sedibe when she was married to her now ex-husband - Leslie Sedibe, but she has gone back to being called Sonia Mbele.
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Fortunately enough, Sonia Mbele seems to have had a good relationship with her mother at the time she was going through her divorce, she stated that she was her stronghold during those trying times. During an interview with True Love, she shared some details of how her matters would mysteriously end up in the media. 

"I couldn't trust anyone, not even my mother. Yes, I was getting divorced and my husband and I were talking about the settlement, but those things would end up in the papers. So I wasn't sure who was leaking the information," she told True Love.

Sonia Mbele Career

Sonia Mbele is a renowned media mogul who has been in the industry for over 17 years.

Sonia is a well-known actress, presenter and a judge in different reality shows.

Her influence in the media industry landed her a role to feature as a judge for the 2010 Miss South Africa contest where they worked in selecting a model who ended up being a contestant at the Miss Universe competition.
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She started her journey with Generations where she worked for four years. 

Here is the complete list of her journey

Generations: She played the role of Ntombi Khumalo. Generation is a television show aired on SABC1.`She joined the crew in 2003 and she parted ways with Generations in 2011. 

Gold Diggers: Sonia Mbele joined Gold Diggers in 2015 as Thuli in Season 1 of the show. 

Greed & Desire: Sonia Mbele continued her journey and played the role Thlabi on the debut season. 

iNumber Number: She starred in the television series that was the first of its kind in the country. She was the main character and played the role of  Philane. 

Keeping Score: Sonia Mbele joined the television show and she played the character of Mmamosa Letsie. 

Miss South Africa: She was a judge in Season 56 of the show where the winner was Bokang Montjane who later became the representative for South Africa at the Miss Universe 2011 and Miss World 2011 pageants. 

SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards: Sonia Mbele later expanded her skills and became a presenter in the 6th season of the SABC Gospel Music Crown award show.

Sonia Mbele Divorce

Sonia Mbele was married to businessman Leslie Sedibe and the couple tied the knot in 2006 after dating for a couple of years.

Unfortunately, the fairytale story didn't end with happily ever afters for the duo. As it was evident that their marriage was hanging on by a thread, Sonia and Leslie decided to call it quits in 2014 after being together for 8 years.

She aired out her dirty laundry to the public and opened up about how tragic it was for her to go through a divorce and having to suffer a mild stroke at the time.

Their split was in the headlines and she faced a lot of negative criticism from the public because people thought the couple didn't fight for their marriage. However, in an interview with Times Live, Sonia revealed why she and Leslie got divorced:

"I don't know of anyone who willingly walks away from their marriage if they still want to make it work. But the truth is Leslie and I were two different people who wanted different things. Yes, we loved each other... I became the person that he wanted me to be and lost myself in the process."

This had a ripple effect on her as she even once contemplated on committing suicide.

Sonia Mbele is now a single parent, raising her three children. Their names are Donelle Sedibe, Khomo Sedibe, and Mosa Sedibe. Mosa is the last born and only daughter of the actress.
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Sonia Mbele Depression

During the process of her divorce, she went through a rough patch such that the actress suffered a stroke that attacked her during her son's birthday party. During the same period, Sonia Mbele also battled anxiety and panic attacks.

She suffered depression when her friends and family became judgemental and abandoned her at her time of depression. Sonia’s condition saw her go into depression.

"I tried therapy but it didn't work. Things got so bad I would even google ways of committing suicide and going out quickly and pain-free because I'd had enough of my life," she said.
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Somehow, Sonia was able to get better and as a motivational speaker, she is a strong woman and constantly encourages her women to love and appreciate themselves. This is through her life experiences. 

Sonia Mbele Controversy

It was reported that Sonia was involved in a physical altercation with her helper in 2014. According to her helper, Noleen - she said during an interview with All4women, and she stated that the fight started when Sonia told her to change into her uniform to serve dinner at her house. 

"When we got home ma’am told me to change into my work uniform before I served dinner. I refused because it was already late and, after all, I was just serving pizza. It had been a long day so I told her I could dish up dinner wearing the clothes I was wearing,"

Noleen continued and gave details of the night and mentioned that Sonia started poking her finger on her forehead.
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“She then prodded me on the forehead with her fingers saying, ‘This is my house and you must follow my orders’. I was still reasoning with her when she threw a punch straight into my face.

“So, to defend myself, I punched her back. Then I told her that if she wanted to fight with me we should fight woman-to-woman outside. She threw a bread bin at me but I ducked and then I grabbed her and pulled her outside where we continued to fight" Noleen said

However, Sonia denied her version of the story and said she will always remain true to herself.

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Sonia Mbele Business

Sonia Mbele is a fashionista who has a shoe collection.

As a businesswoman of note, In 2018 she collaborated with Pesso to launch her shoe line.
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Sonia Mbele also has a production company RHOSA which is behind the production house behind Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

Through everything that she went through, Sonia Mbele continues to motivate women who go through the same difficulties and encourages them to be strong. 

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