South African rappers and their leading ladies

Here is proof that behind every great man is an even greater woman. 

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emtee and family

They may spend their days singing about having multiple partners and loving Zulu girls but if you take a proper look behind the scenes, you’ll find that South Africa’s rappers live by that one-woman-man mantra.

Check out our list of our favourite rappers and the leading ladies that hold them down:

Riky Rick and Bianca Naidoo

Rarely one to share too much about his private life, it used to take quite a bit of stalking to find out about Riky and Bianca. It’s not that Mr. Family Values hides their relationship but more like he’s all about keeping his private life private. In recent months however, he has started to share a bit more about his family (and Bianca in particular)

The couple share a son, named Maik and Bianca’s daughter from a previous relationship completes their cute little family who are on the cover of this week’s Drum Magazine.

Emtee and Kendall Chinsamy 

The young rapper’s debut album was named after his son but very few actually know what Avery’s mother’s name is. The rapper seems to have managed to stay loyal to Kendall Chinsamy and often shouts her out on his Instagram. Other than that, not much is known about the couple.

emtee and kendall
Tumi and Babongile Molekane

The epitome of ride or die, Babongile and Tumi’s relationship is reminiscent of the relationships every 90’s baby grew up watching. The couple now have two beautiful children together and Tumi is the kind of fan every woman wishes her own boyfriend/husband could be.

His support of Babongile’s achievements kind of remind us of that meme where the man asks why he would be mad if his woman was successful and then says “that’s my best friend, go best friend.”

Tumi and Babongile
HHP and Lerato Sengadi

Tales of their relationship started out as nothing more than a whisper among entertainment journalists who thought there was more to the pair than friendship. Now, one marriage rumour and a couple-hundred cute Instagram pics later, we can’t help but love the pair.

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HHP and Lerato
Slikour and Melissa Wilkinson

Despite the pair’s incredibly secretive relationship, we know a few things about them.

They have a cute son together, they’re engaged to be married and Slikour really appreciated the role that she has played in his life.

So much so that he did the modern-day equivalent of shouting it from the rooftop by thanking her during a radio interview with Gareth Cliff.

Slikour and Melissa
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