Isibaya actress - Sphelele 'Kentucky' Mzimela surprises mom with new car

She purchased herself a car and went to show mommy dearest.

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This past weekend, Isibaya Actress Sphelele ‘Kentucky’ Mzimela took a road trip to her hometown of Mandeni for the very first time driving in her own car.

Parents live for moments like these, so we can only imagine how excited and proud Sphelele's mom was to see her daughter driving through the hood with her new ride.

Sphelele had not spoken to her mom about purchasing a new car and this special visit was to surprise her and the rest of the family.

Sphelele's mom was delighted to see her daughter's new purchase and hopes more blessings are to come Sphelele's way.

“I truly am happy for my daughter, it’s beautiful to see her go forward, I pray for her all the time and I pray that bigger and better things are coming to her direction” Sphelele’s mom comments on her child’s success.

Sphelele kentucky surprises mom

“It’s been years of hustling in Joburg and trying to get my career off the ground and being able to finally buy myself a car showed me that my hard labour is finally paying off. This is just the beginning of more great things to come.” Sphelele.

Congrats Sphe!

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@SpheMzimela