Spud 2: The Madness Continues

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What’s the story? Based on John van de Ruit’s second Spud book, we’re now in the year 1991. With a mother wanting to emigrate, a dad who’s deemed a failure by the boarding master Sparerib, women trouble and a group of prefects who are out to make life for Spud and The Crazy 8 as difficult as possible, at least Spud can still rely on his friends and The Guv.

Who’s in it? John Cleese reprises his role as The Guv and Troye Sivan is again Spud. The rest of the regulars are also present with Josh Goddard as Mad Dog, Blessing Xaba is Fatty, Sven Ruygrok as Rambo, Jeremy Crutchley As The Glock and Jason Cope as Sparerib.

Who’s the director? Donovan Marsh who also directed the first Spud movie and some episodes of TV series Hard Copy.

What will you remember? Aaron McIlroy who plays Spud’s dad steals every scene he’s in.

What’s the best scene? Sparerib finding his car parked in the school’s fountain and his reaction to the headmaster berating him for it is pretty priceless.


What’s the best line? Spoken by Sparerib: “I should warn you boys, I have been playing a lot of squash lately.”

What other movies does it compare with? The first Spud obviously, as well as movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

With what piece of information can you impress your friends? The filmmakers initially thought Jason Cope would be too young to play Sparerib but producer Ross Garland said he "turns into a nasty housemaster as soon as he steps on set.” Cope based his performance on a vice principal he once had.

What did others have to say? Bitter sweet humour, and a great soundtrack make Spud 2 The Madness Continues a must on this year’s watch list. There is nothing like it, the film is simply brilliant. www.economist.com.na

Overall, the film is humorous, full of heart and wonderfully South African – making it well worth watching. www.channel24.co.za

Troye Sivan gives a great performance as Spud, he has an acting ability that just comes naturally. Two other performances that stood out in Spud 2 is definitely by newcomer Sven Ruygrok who plays Rambo, who manages to carry the film through-out with his serious yet playful approach (he could have easily just been the stereotype) and Jason Cope (Sparerib) plays it just right, he reminded me of all my strict yet quirky teachers from high school. www.1minutereview.co.za


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