The Khoza brothers on their love for acting & if they've ever bricked each other

We chat to the brothers about their hidden talents, earliest acting memories and bricking each other.

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A chat with Abdul and SK Khoza

Shaka Khoza has been the talk of town since the debut episode of Mzansi Magic’s ‘The Queen’ and we suspect Qaphela Ngwenya will be too as soon as we get a deeper look into his character on 'Isibaya'.

We can’t be the only one who sees the similarities in the characters played by real life brothers Shaka and Abdul Khoza respectively.

If I described the character each brother plays as the oldest, hot-headed, gun-wielding, trigger happy (and incredibly gorgeous) son of a Zulu crime kingpin who would do ANYTHING to protect his family, would you be able to distinguish between Shaka and Qaphela?

We don’t think so.

a chat with the khoza brothers

The similarities in their characters are a first for the brothers though. They have managed to play a well-rounded set of roles in their careers thus far, avoiding the typecasting trap that most actors fall into. They attribute this to being very thoughtful about whatever projects they consider taking on. 

“For me it starts with the story, if I strongly believe that it's well written and really catches my interest, then I go for it. If I feel that the character I'm going to audition for is one I've played before, then I simply don't go.” said SK.

Abdul on the other hand believes that his characters choose him as “every role is a calling of its own.”  

“For me it's always based on how much the script speaks to me and moves me. I believe that characters choose me I don't choose the character.”

That approach probably stems from the fact that they’ve been doing this since they were kids! Even though we’ve only been watching them in mainstream media for a few years, the brothers were even acting back in 1999.  

That is SK’s earliest memory of knowing that acting is what they wanted to do full time. 

“I was in grade 7 and my brother and I were the lead singers and actors in a school musical called ‘The Pulse Of Africa’”

In addition to acting, the brothers also sing. Who knew?

A chat with the Khoza brothers

“I've always loved music and poetry and all forms of artistic verbal expression. I hope people will know me better and understand me more than to make assumptions about me through my acting roles. And my brother and I will be releasing a single together as well cause we both sing,” said Abdul. 

He deviated from the path somewhat and became a fireman but he couldn’t shake the desire to act. It was then that he decided to enter the SABC 1 show, Class Act, which he later won and it was only then that he felt he could pursue acting full time.

“When I had won Amstel Class Act season was 2 and had been voted South Africa's leading man. It chose me as well.”

During his time on the show, Abdul exhibited strong martial arts skills and hasn’t yet had the chance to fully incorporate them into any of his roles.

“Fortunately Isibaya has made that possible and will soon air some of those martial arts moves. But I hope I get a movie role that could bring a similar opportunity as I would love to be the next Jean Claude Van Damme.”

Speaking of future roles; SK says he would like to play the part of a police officer.

Considering the reception that his The Queen castmate Jesse Suntele has gotten for playing Constable Tladi, we think we speak for all of you when we say we are READY to see him in that SAPS uniform! Handcuffs and all…

a chat with the hoza brothers

It would be quite interesting to see him go from playing bad-boy, Shaka to an upstanding officer of the law. Shaka and Qaphela are both bullies in a sense and considering the fact that both brothers play the roles so well, we had to ask which one of them is more of a real-life bully.

we were surprised to find (and we're sure that you will be too) that Abdul was a bully in primary school! He has since handed the bully reigns over to SK, who agrees that he is.

“[LOL] honestly we've both had a fair share of bullying each other. But I won't lie, I'd like to believe that I am. Maybe because I'm older I guess, I use to always think I'm right all the time.”

Which got us wondering if that applies to all arenas of life, including girls. And the answer is no, the Khoza brothers have never bricked each other.

“Uhmmmm, we don't really like the same type of women, and anyway our love for each other is too strong to do something so hurtful to each other,” said SK.

SK and Abdul
“I have liked them for him but never in any other way, it just never happens once I know my brother has feelings for that individual,” added Abdul. 

What does extend into other arenas of life however, is how protective the brothers are of each other. They said that they are more likely to take the blame for each other then they are to snitch on each other - whether it’s to their parents or anyone else. 

“We always have each other's back, we always protect one another. We are always willing to lie to our parents to protect how they see's not a good thing, but hey we are brothers after all,” 
explained SK.

“We've been too close to snitch on each other. We would rather take blame for one another than to do the opposite,” said Abdul.

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