Why nothing is stopping Tibz- Part 1

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Tebello "Tibz" Motsoane  | Top of The

In every industry, there is always that guy or lady who is considered as a pillar of strength to his industry peers or the go-to person for advice or mentorship.  He’s the type of person who works diligently and  works hard to perfect his craft without having to advertise it on any social platforms; he just lets the fruits of his labour speak for itself.  One person who fits this description perfectly is a well respected gentleman who goes by the name of Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.  Not only has he assisted rappers in our country to reach the pinnacle of their success but he has worked on his own success and become a formidable force in our industry.

We chatted to Tebello a few weeks ago about his role in the industry, his clothing brand Head Honcho as well as The All Love hip hop album compilation.

First off we’d like to commend you on your weight-loss, you look great! How has the process been on this journey of reaching a new image goal? 

[Laughs] It’s been cool you know, I love challenges and I’m also quite a competitive guy. I play a lot of soccer and basketball so I’m always trying to be competitive and physically active.  I love clothes as well, so generally you’d want your stuff to fit right. It’s been a great process and I do have weird working hours so eating correctly isn’t always easy, but yeah man I’m definitely enjoying it. 

You have a cameo appearance on Reason’s No Sleep video, where you act as a boxing coach. Is boxing also a part of your health regime?

I do, but not as much as I used to.  My father actually used to be a professional boxer back in the day so he’d teach me how to fight when I was pretty young and it’s something that I always go back to because I think it’s quite a great challenge in terms of mental and physical strength. 

We’re glad you mentioned clothes in your previous answer; you play quite a crucial role in the urban clothing brand that is Head Honcho, what is the next step for the brand now?

We’re still stocked at Shesha and Sportscene stores nationwide, we’re also still online on headhoncho.co.za.  There are plans in the pipeline to open up our own store too. What’s more exciting for us is that we also have our own Nigerian distribution, plus there’s an Angolian and Kenyan distribution. We’re taking it one step at a time right now, first the continent then the rest of the world.

Tell us more about the All Love album and the multiple artists you collaborated with on the project?

It was awesome, I mean Tumi and I have been friends forever. We had an informal chat during a basketball match and I actually called him for us to actually do this project. After about a week, we went into the studio and started drafting concepts for the album and I think it took us two or three months before it was done- which is unheard of especially with compilation albums.  There are some people we would’ve loved to see make it onto the album but I think there’s more albums to come.

What are the difficulties you encountered when creating this album?

The only difficulty we encountered was the time-management aspect of the whole project.  I think as artists we really need to be professional about our time because time is ultimately money.  If you as an artist commit to arrive at the studio at 2pm rather get there at 1:30pm so you can get settled in and for us to start working.  Time management was really our issue.

Stay tuned for the second part of our interview as we delve deeper into the businessman that is Tibz.