Respect to Tellaman: Local hip hop's sought after vocalist

Undoubtedly one of the best R&B/Hip hop vocalists to come out of Mzansi.

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A great vocalist who is on every other hip hop hook at the moment.

During the rise of local hip hop in the early 2000's one vocalist we knew would do justice to a hip hop hook was the talented Nothende, she featured on almost every rapper's album from Ammunition to Pro and Khuli Chana's songs.

Fast forward to 2016 and there's a new R&B/Hiphop vocalist in town and he goes by the name of Tellaman, real name Ntsikelelo.

Tellaman has featured in many of your favourite hip hop tracks like DJ Speedsta's Mayo, and featured on Nasty C's Bad Hair album numerous times.

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It's not only that Tellaman is a good singer but the songs that he features on are quite impressive not forgetting the quality production on these songs which undoubtedly have an international appeal.

In October, Slikouronline wrote an article about why Tellaman and another rapper by the name of Erik Rush need to release new music and the answer is quite simple, the artist produces great music that is listened and loved by the youth, which essentially means that artists like Tellaman are very impactful.

With his singles Here and Come Over gaining momentum in the streets, could Tellaman be what South African R&B has been needing for all these years?

Now in no way are we highlighting him as that R&B Knight who has come to save R&B in South Africa, but let's not kid ourselves R&B singers have been struggling in S.A, Tellaman might not even consider himself as an R&B dude even, but when it comes to singing on Hip Hop hooks he's the go-to-man right now.

(Side note: Our cool kid member has informed us that Tellaman is actually a trap soul artist, not R&B...well there you have it..)

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Anyway, we can't wait to see what Tellaman will be doing with his talent in 2017, should be interesting to watch this artist grow.

Image Credit: Instagram/Real_Tellaman