Terry and Mampho launch new business to democratize education

Celebrity BFF's go into business together to use their platforms to make a change 

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Terry and Mampho launch new business to democratize education

Learning through play is a long-standing theory of early childhood development. The theory is based on the idea that a child can learn to make sense of the world around them through playing.

Using this method, children can then develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

This same theory underpins the purpose of Terry Pheto and Mampho Brescia’s latest business venture, Let’s Learn Toys, an online toy store for educational toys.

According to the duo, the idea for Let’s Learn Toys came about from Terry’s penchant for bringing back toys for her nephews and nieces every time she went abroad. She began to wonder what contribution these toys were making to the lives of these children as she wants to give them access to opportunities she never had.

Although the initial desire was to provide the children in her life with the best possible tools for their future, she later felt the need to find a way to make the opportunity accessible to everyone.

Mampho Brescia and daughter rain
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Mampho on the other hand, has an adorable 4-year-old daughter, named Rain, who was her primary motivation for the venture. Although Mampho believes Rain is a bright little girl, she wanted to keep her mind active while keeping her entertained in a constructive way.

Speaking at the launch of this venture last night at the Foto ZA Gallery in Rosebank, Mampho explained that she believes teaching children is not just the responsibility of schools and creches. In her opinion, parents and communities should be hands on as well.

Although the pair are friends, the business did not just come about as a result of an idea they had on a whim. They did intensive research ahead of launching the venture, in addition to finding suppliers, registering the company and ironing out all the entrepreneurial legalities.

After pouring over stats in their research phase, the pair says they were alarmed to see how South African youth compares to other countries on the global academic stage.

Because the pair travels a lot, they have been exposed to educational systems around the world and are thus passionate about equipping South African children with the tools required to compete.

Let's Learn Toys catalogue

The entire catalogue consists of 2000 toys and games which can either be purchased individually or as packages (which are ideal for orphanages and schools) and the range caters to children as young as 18-months-old all the way up to 18-years-old.

The range for older children has a primary focus on technology, maths and science but features tools and toys for other subjects as well.

Purchases will be delivered to whatever address you please.

If you wish to purchase something for the children in your life or you wish to purchase a package to donate to a school or orphanage, you can click here to visit Let’s Learn Toys. Prices range from R29.00 - R7,500.00.

Main image credit: instagram.com/terrypheto by Xavier Saer 

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