Tbo Touch earned about R200 000 when he left Metro FM

When Tbo Touch chose principle over his R200,000 cheque at Metro FM.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Thabo "Tbo Touch" Molefe  | Top of The

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Leaving a career that pays well and at your prime is a decision some of us would not even dare think of but the likes of Tbo Touch made such a decision and never looked back.

Tbo Touch certainly left Metro FM at his peak. The radio personality, who now owns his own radio station, Touch Central FM, had a huge following on the radio station. 

Touch shocked many when he resigned from Metro FM. "No one has ever left at their prime, if you look at where I was," he said in a recent interview on Kaya FM. 

"When you look at where I was, you know, what I've done... you don't make that kinda decision when you're earning the biggest cheque in the building, and you're saying 'I'm out' out of principle," Touch told T-Bose Mokwele on The Best T in The City. 

He said there's ways he can teach his two sons about principles in life if he's not going to set an example for them.  

He then revealed that he went from earning R4200 a month, to earning about R200 000 a month when he left the station. "It was nice, it was a nice cheque," he added. 

Would you leave your R200,000 salary in the name of principle?