Thabsie writes an open letter to her ex-boyfriend

If you're still out there, Thabsie wants you to know how you made her feel.

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Despite songstress Thabsie currently being in a great loving relationship with her husband Thando Vokwana, having had her album ready for three years now, most of the songs on the album are dedicated to her past as a reflection to the past relationships that always had her in tears.

Speaking to Ntando Duma in a recent interview, Thabsie expressed that although she had not spoken to her ex-boyfriend since their break-up, she felt the need to open up about her pain in her latest single ‘Cry’.

“I call cry my open letter, I broke up with my ex at the time and I just stopped talking to him, but I never really told him how I felt about how he had treated me, so I took that song as an opportunity to write an open letter which is basically, all the things I wanted to say to made me cry...I’m sure he knows I’m out there doing my thing now, but if he is listening right now, that song was for you sucker…” 
Thabsie went on to add that writing the album was therapeutic for her and she hopes that her fans can relate to it. 

“ was my therapy, I’m coming out of a really bad relationship and so I started writing about all the things I’d gone through with a certain person or all the people in my life, and that's why it’s called songs about you because every single song is about a certain person, and I just really wanted it to come from the heart and for people to relate and just love it."

It’s not all sad songs as the singer does dedicate African Queen - which she played at her traditional Marriage commemoration late last year - to her husband

African Queen is kind of inspired by my current relationship...there’s elements of a happier time in my album…”

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