Thandiswa Mazwai to feature on CNN's "African Voices"

Thandiswa Mazwai shares her story with CNN.

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Thandiswa Mazwai

This week’s episode of African Voices will feature South African music sensation - Thandiswa Mazwai as she takes CNN on a journey into her life from visiting Pimville, Soweto where she grew, how she found her voice, her musical journey from the days of Bongo Maffin to her solo career. 

The interview also highlights how Thandiswa represents Africa not only in her music but also through her personal aesthetic.

“My story is one of a black person growing up in Apartheid South Africa - how did I navigate that and how did I survive that? It is also the story of a black South African in, what is now, the new South Africa… It's also a story of great celebration, a story of great joy. I'm a mother, I'm a musician, who travels the world and sees beautiful things - that's my story, I write about that.” Said Mazwai

In the African Voices episode, Thandiswa also shares how she actually never thought she would become a singer, even though she loved music as a child

“I never imagined I would become a singer, at all. I knew that I had a love of it and that there was something about music that made me feel free… I had always thought that music was some kind of superpower that Michael Jackson and Brenda Fassie had, they had this kind of magical power to do it.”

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In closing, Thandiswa expressed nothing but gratitude for the opportunity she has been given to share her story on an international platform like African Voices.

“It's an absolute thrill to be able to be profiled on CNN’s ‘African Voices’. I have seen some incredibly gifted and giving Africans on this show and it is an honour to be placed in that ilk. - KingTha

Thandiswa Mazwai

Make sure you catch Thandiswa on African Voices on these following days:

Saturday 11 February at 01:30 SAST and 17:30 SAST

Sunday 12 February at 01:30 SAST and 20:30 SAST

Monday 13 February at 12:30 SAST

Tuesday 14 February at 06:30 SAST

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