Thando Thabethe's Ethiopian-Irish twin

If Thando Thabethe had a doppelganger (an apparition or double of a living person) it would be this international actress.

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Thando Thabethe

You could forgive us for thinking that Thando Thabethe, has kept a damning secret from us, which involves her having a twin.  But in fairness, it's just another lady that looks like her.

As we all may be aware, the Golden Globe Awards took place this past weekend and besides finding out who won what award for which category, our favourite part of the awards are the red carpet moments.

However, it was not the outfits that caught our attention this time around, but the presence of a fairly known Ethiopian-Irish actress by the name of Ruth Negga who has acted in numerous movies like World War Z alongside Brad Pitt.

But it's not her acting that we're mostly interested in, but it's how she resembles our very own Thando Thabethe.

Thando and Ruth

If this doesn't convince you that we come from the same creator then we don't know what will.

Thando Thabhete and Ruth Negga

There's something about that short hair look we like about both ladies.

Thando thabethe and Ruth negga
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